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Cano Rentals, Parachute Flight

12/06/2020 8321 view
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Mui Ne Tourism is one of the most beautiful and poetic marine eco-tourism destinations in Binh Thuan Province. Tourists to Mui Ne are not only attracted by the wild beauty of nature, but also attracted by the unique cuisine and the hospitality of the kind fishing villagers.
In addition to swimming at Mui Ne beach, there are many interesting tourist activities such as boat racing, sea flastmob ... and many other exciting beach games. Hon Rom 2 Resort offers beach sports services, you can enjoy thrills with games like canoe water skiing, canoeing for parachuting, high speed Cano, ....
Parachute canoe is one of the most fascinating adventure sports at sea, players will be parachuted, then canoe in the sky. Protected by lap and hip belts, you will be suspended at a height of 70 - 100 m.
Equipped with a life jacket, below is always a protective canoe. When lowering the umbrella, if falling into the sea, there is a life buoy you are wearing that makes you float on the water safely, then the canoe will pull you up.
The interesting point of this form of entertainment is to bring you an interesting view from above. What is more interesting than being able to zoom in and out of the city from the top?
Watch the city in the sunset from above, the silkworms look far away. Makes us feel that everything becomes so small, and no longer anxious, just want to be gently flying on high as the time itself.
This discipline is very popular by many visitors. When participating in this service, visitors will be seated on the umbrella (maximum of 2 people). After that, the parachute cord will be hooked to the canoe and begin the journey to fly in the air to admire the whole scenery of Mui Ne. At this time, tourists will understand how to float between the vastness of the sky and the sea, immersing in nature, enjoying the feeling of lightness and comfort.
Each flight, though, lasts up to 15 minutes, which is equivalent to a circuit of a canoe. This game is considered very risky, but under the supervision of the management, it is actually quite safe. Visitors are dragged parachuting in the air at an altitude of 70 to 100m, underneath there is always a rescue team on duty when there is any problem with customers.
With exciting experiences extremely stimulating. The feeling of seeing Mui Ne from above, below is the sea surface, soaring along the parachute wings in the wind is great. Just one time playing parachute, visitors will want to come back to enjoy the feeling of flying high again.
Hon Rom 2 Resort hopes that we provide canoe and parachute entertainment services so you can know more about this type. If you are traveling in Mui Ne, quickly pick up the phone to book at Hon Rom 2 resort and choose for yourself a parachute pack to know what it feels like to fly in the sea. Hope this will be an interesting and memorable experience for you in this tourist city.
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