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Jeep tour, Motorcycle rental

24/10/2019 5425 view
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Motorbike and jeep rental service in Mui Ne to explore the resort is one of the great travel services favored by domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Mui Ne - Phan Thiet. Because roads in Mui Ne are quite spacious and airy, accompanied by extremely safe traffic, it makes visitors feel more secure when choosing a motorbike or Jeep bon bon on the road.
Grasping the needs of tourists, Hon Rom 2 Resort, in addition to the resort room rental service, here Hoan Rom 2 also offers jeep rentals on sand and motorbikes to meet the travel needs of travelers. guest.
Reasons you should choose Rent a motorbike, Jeep when traveling in Mui Ne.
Not too "exaggerated" when for example Mui Ne is a "tourist paradise" of Binh Thuan. Because there are constantly impressive innovations about nature, architecture and festive seasons. Especially, when you choose to travel in the peak season, you will experience a lot of interesting things. However, to explore every corner of Mui Ne is not very easy.
According to the travel experience of Mui Ne - Phan Thiet of many people, you should choose for yourself the form of traveling by motorbike if you want to walk around the beach or a Jeep if you want to go on the vast sand hill. Because compared to traveling by tour, when riding a motorbike, you will be more active in your journey. At the same time, traveling by motorbike, Jeep, you will be able to explore the beautiful roads. Especially can go anywhere you want.
In addition, when choosing to travel by motorbike, Jeep, you will save a relatively significant cost compared to taking the tour. On average, car rental addresses from 100k to 200k / day. That is also the reason that most young people choose to rent a motorbike or jeep as a means of transportation.
Choosing a reputable rental address for motorbikes and jeeps is the decisive factor for your smooth journey or not. Currently in Mui Ne there are many car rental services. However, each car rental location has different quality, price and procedures.
Coming to Hon Rom 2, we have both a place to rest and a motorbike and jeep rental service which is both cheap and quality. Along with a team of young, career-loving employees who are passionate about travel, dynamic, capture good information, with the contributions of seasoned guides, travel experts who understand the psychology of customers, Local, we are constantly creative design successful "Travel Dream" for many customers. Thereby arouse the love of the country, the people of Vietnam as well as promote the image of Vietnam to the world with deep pride in his homeland.
At the same time, we are also consultants of special tours and programs at the request of our customers and dedicated to providing quick and accurate information to meet the increasing travel needs, diversity of customers at home and abroad.
The benefits that Hon Rom 2 Resort offers are as follows:
1. 100% new car
2. Clear policies - procedures - car rental rates
3. There is a 24 hour rescue
4. Rent a car at one location and return the car at another location
5. Quick support and advice - wholeheartedly.
6. Supporting backpack accessories (spare tire; reflective belt; helmets ¾ and ½; raincoats; rain boots; ...)
Our mission:
“Our mission is to become a fully equipped resort as possible, meeting the needs of visitors when coming to the resort. Dedication to serving domestic and foreign customers ”
Our philosophy:
The customer is god, the only reason we exist and grow. Customers as a guide for all activities of the business.
We always listen and share the wishes of each customer, bring you satisfaction about the service as well as the service attitude of each employee during the trip, so that each single service is a link perfectly connecting the value of your trip. Each sentiment, happiness or satisfaction level of customers is a brick building up the success and value of Hon Rom 2 Resort.
Procedures for renting a car at Hon Rom 2 Resort:
The procedure to rent a car at Hon Rom 2 Resort is simple, you just need the following documents:
Step 1: Select the type of vehicle, refer to the price of that vehicle type.
Step 2: Make a car rental contract using the form provided from the rental address.
Step 3: provide identity card and driver's license. It is best for the person behind to move to meet the traffic police, you are not hassle.
Step 4: pay the deposit and remember to keep the receipt
Step 5: get the right kind of car you have chosen.
If you want to find a prestigious and cheap car rental place, choose the Car Rental service at Hon Rom 2. The car here is characterized by good quality, suitable for many terrains, whether it is mountainous or high slope. Car hire services also have a variety of vehicles to choose from. The staff are very enthusiastic, friendly, advise you on the right vehicle for the best price.
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